Joomla is an award-winning, open-source CMS (content management system) with over 35 million downloads worldwide and still counting. It has thousands of extensions and designs and is backed by large community of coders, developers and support staff. Joomla is very versatile, user-friendly and mobile-ready, making it a very sought-after CMS for corporate websites.

Features of Joomla:

Flexibility-As Joomla is an open source software it enables the webmaster to work on the core technology behind thesystem. Improvement can be made and new features can be easily added. This enables the users to update with the latest technology. This is the main reason why the open source software goes out of date. Therefore with Joomla hosting you can be sure that you are keeping pace with the latest technology.

User-friendly interface-The main purpose of a content management system is to create a website in such a way so that the content can be managed and updated easily. Unlike a lot of other CMS software systems, Joomla enables the website owner to manage manage the website content, make the necessary changes and update the website whenever required; no technical expertise is required for this purpose. This is why most of the users prefer Joomla hosting.

Feature Rich-Joomla offers a wide range of features and benefits. It is also possible to choose from a wide range of ‘extensions’ present in the system. Many features can be selected and implemented from the Joomla website. An extension can be set up for the translation functions, reservations system, photo galleries, RSS syndicates, news tickers, affiliate systems and eCommerce functions.

Why choose Joomla?

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Why us for Joomla?

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